Which social media accounts can my customers use to sign up?
Currently, customers can log in using Facebook, Twitter, or manually using their email address.
Tue, 19 Jun, 2018 at 10:57 AM
Will my personal internet be secure?
Yes, plugging in your Hive WiFi access point(s) automatically separates your private network from the Hive WiFi network. Customers connecting to Hive will n...
Tue, 19 Jun, 2018 at 10:58 AM
Is Hive WiFi safe and secure?
Yes, we are compliant with the Digital Economy Act and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We can set up content filtering and add additional securi...
Tue, 19 Jun, 2018 at 11:00 AM
Where will Hive WiFi work?
The only requirement to install Hive WiFi is a live internet connection. We have units connected and providing WiFi all over the world.
Tue, 19 Jun, 2018 at 11:00 AM
Will I need support to plug in my access point?
Hive WiFi is very easy to install. The access point just needs to be connected to a live internet connection. If you require assistance, we are on hand and ...
Mon, 16 Jul, 2018 at 2:56 PM
How much does an access point cost?
The costs vary depending on which access point you require. Please contact us for an assessment of your exact requirements.
Tue, 19 Jun, 2018 at 11:01 AM
How much do the monthly packages cost?
The ‘Bee Free’ package is free and provides you with the all the basics needed to set up a free WiFi hotspot for your business. The ‘Hive +’ package com...
Tue, 19 Jun, 2018 at 11:02 AM
Am I enrolled into a contract?
With ‘Bee Free’ there is no contract. The units are maintained while being connected to the internet. With ‘Hive +’ you will be enrolled into a 12-month...
Tue, 19 Jun, 2018 at 11:02 AM
How can I pay?
The access points can be purchased online. The monthly rental charges can be taken by Direct Debit. For alternative payment methods, please contact us.
Tue, 19 Jun, 2018 at 11:02 AM